We work in three simple steps

 Step 1

You create a simple quotation that will go to alot of IT companies.


 Step 2

You will get contacted by alot of companies.

 Step 3

You choose the company that suits you the best and get your problmes solved.

Why use us?


Our service helps you fast, simple and secure to get help with everything that concerns IT. In one minute you can fill our formula and send a free quotation that will reach alot of companies that will be glad to help you with IT support.

Don´t choose by yourself


We provide missions with only one industry in focus: namely IT. Different industries are various complex. It is much easier to determine the value of a cleaning assignment for 20,000 square meters of large local than the migration of a new business for several thousand employees. To approximate the value of a mission where both recipient and provider will be satisfied, it requires that the broker understands the industry inside out.

Would intermediary other hand, lacking knowledge of the industry, there is the risk that the end customer is paying too much and that the supplier earns too little. We therefore believe that it is extremely difficult to convey assignments in all sectors in the same way as it is difficult to run a company that makes everything possible.

We can keep high quality of our service by quality studies that we do directly after completing the mission and also with very good knowledge of the industry.



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